Applications for the IBR Guimarães Entrepreneur Workshop are now open

Applications are open until January 5 for the sixth edition of the Entrepreneur’s Workshop, the first phase of the Incubation Program offered by the Guimarães Rural Base Incubator (IBR), run by the Municipality of Guimarães with the support of the Landscape Laboratory.

The Entrepreneur’s Workshop is the first of three phases of the incubation program that aims to provide entrepreneurs with the knowledge to create and operate a rural-based business plan. It is aimed at anyone who feels the desire and determination to launch themselves as an entrepreneur in the agricultural, livestock, forestry, agro-industrial, related services and applied technology sectors, without knowing specifically the first steps they have to take.

The Entrepreneur Workshop will run from January 29th to February 2nd and is free of charge for the candidate. During this period, those selected will have free access to an immersion program in rural entrepreneurship, consisting of classroom training, theoretical-practical sessions and study visits to the best success stories in this field.

Those interested should submit their application in accordance with the opening notice, which can be consulted here: link.

Interested parties can request more information by e-mail – – or by telephone – 253 421 210.

With the IBR, the Municipality of Guimarães provides the best conditions for dynamic and proactive entrepreneurs to put all their effort and dedication into creating their own business and, at the same time, promote good land use and economic development in the municipality.