BiodiverCity network partners meet in Ireland

The Landscape Laboratory attended the third working meeting of the European network URBACT – BiodiverCity, in the city of Limerick (Ireland).

During the two days of work, Francisco Carvalho, general coordinator and innovator of the Landscape Laboratory, and Daniel Ferreira, sustainability education technician, had the opportunity to present and discuss with the other partners some of the proposals for actions to be implemented in Guimarães to boost urban biodiversity and citizen involvement.

Together with the local action group, the aim is to create an action plan that promotes ecological connectivity in the territory through a series of small-scale actions.

BiodiverCity aims to develop community-based approaches that contribute to the enhancement of biodiversity and ecosystem services, reinforcing the importance of drawing up urban greening and biodiversity action plans, in line with the EU Biodiversity Strategy.

In addition to the Landscape Lab, 9 other cities from 8 different countries are part of the network, including Dunaújváros (HU), Vratsa (BG), Town Veszprém (HU) Poljcane (SL), Cieza (ES), Siena (IT), Limerick City & County Council (IR) Hertogenbosch (NL) and Sarajevo (BA).