CircularPSP brings together European cities to drive the transition to a circular economy

The first meeting of the CircularPSP consortium was held in Bonn, Germany. This consortium represents European leaders in the transition to a circular economy and circular green public procurement, and was attended by Guimarães City Council and Laboratório da Paisagem.

CircularPSP brings together 7 cities from 7 countries, representing 45 million citizens with the intention to invest 5.64 million euros in R&D to face the common challenge of accelerating the digital transition towards a Circular Economy. Another objective is to improve knowledge exchange and interconnected Green Public Procurement work in order to stimulate markets for environmentally friendly products and services.

These cities will promote Green Public Procurement and represent highly attractive markets – such as Germany, Finland, Turkey, Sweden, Ireland, Portugal and Slovenia – and have partners in the UK, such as ReLondon, and in capitals with global influence, such as Berlin, Helsinki, London, Istanbul.

Through the online platform, it aims to support business processes and management flows, to plan, procure and implement innovative circular economy solutions across Europe. On it, municipalities work and access public green procurement and suppliers can post their plans, projects and products with a view to promoting the local market economy.

The next step in the process will be the creation of a “focus group” promoting solutions for the transition to a circular economy, with a challenge for industry and research centres to develop innovative solutions for the public sector and integrate the European platform.

This first phase will culminate on 5 June, on the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the World Environment Day, in which Guimarães City Council will promote an International Conference related to Green Procurement and Circular Economy. It will be aimed at the public and private sectors and will have the motto #combataapoluiçãoplástica.