CircularPSP: R&D funding opportunity

R&D funding opportunity: The CircularPSP programme, funded by the European Union, invites suppliers to support the acceleration of the adoption of circular practices in municipalities and the local economy.

The project seeks proposals for the development of an innovative circular economy solution that empowers municipal officials and local businesses to adopt circular practices.

Proposal pack: (chamada TD1, desafio TD2)
Information sessions and training events each at 11:00 CET (Q&A, recorded):

11.1.24 – General Tender Launch:
18.1.24 – Technical Application:
25.1.24 – Admin&Finance Application:
15.2.24 – Ask Us Anything!:

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Deadline: 1.4.24 – €5.64 million without VAT

CircularPSP brings together eight leading Circular Economy (CE) cities, representing 45 million citizens, to invest 5.64 million euros in R&D to meet the common challenge of accelerating the transition to CE. The contracting authorities represent Europe, namely Portugal, Germany, Slovenia, Finland, Turkey, Sweden, Ireland and the United Kingdom. Cities, regions, government organisations, public purchasers and projects will have the opportunity to make contact with the consortium’s representatives and are encouraged to join the network of followers.