Companies join forces to plant 500 trees

Despite the rain, the planting of around 500 native trees, in an initiative led by Win-Win Textiles, took place this Saturday on the Penha Biodiversity Route.

The initiative, which took place as part of the Guimarães mais Floresta project, kicked off at the Landscape Laboratory, where Guimarães City Council’s Environment Councillor, Sofia Ferreira, highlighted “the importance of the participation of these 16 companies from Guimarães in this joint reforestation effort”.

The planting initiative brought together the companies Win-Win Textiles, Cristêxtil, Luipex, Sebastião & Martins, EIGUI, PIEP, Etisatos, Nova Legal, RdA Climate Solutions, Diana Marques (YOGADHIPA), Garcia & Silva, Footprime, Positive Materials, ToBeGreen, Guimabus and Foco Criativo.

It should be remembered that the Guimarães mais Floresta project, run by Guimarães City Council and the Landscape Laboratory, began in 2017 and has already managed to plant around 10,000 native trees in various areas of the municipality.