Guimarães debate economia Guimarães debates circular economy with European expert from URBACT and Let’s Go Circular com perita europeia do URBACT e Let’s Go Circular

The expert of the European Territorial Cooperation Programme – URBACT, and the “Let’s Go Circular” project, Eleni Feleki, was in Guimarães this week to learn about the work developed at the level of the circular economy.

She met at Laboratório da Paisagem, the entity delegated by the Municipality of Guimarães to manage the project, with Paulo Lopes Silva, councillor of Guimarães City Council, Isabel Loureiro, coordinator of the Guimarães 2030 Mission Structure, Dalila Sepúlveda, head of the Environment and Public Space division, Francisco Carvalho, General Coordinator of Laboratório da Paisagem and Susana Falcão, coordinator of environmental education, also from Laboratório da Paisagem.

This was also a moment for Eleni Feleki to get to know the work of partners in this area, such as CVR, Resinorte and VITRUS, in order to prepare the next meetings with the network and, together, to elaborate the Local Action Plan for the Circular Economy in urban areas.

Besides Guimarães, cities such as Munich (Germany) – which leads the network -, Lisbon (Portugal), Malmö (Sweden), Cluj (Romania), Corfu (Greece), Granada (Spain), Riga (Latvia), Oulu (Finland) and Tirana (Albania) are part of the consortium.