Guimarães joins European Week for Waste Reduction with sustainable initiatives

The Municipality of Guimarães, in partnership with Laboratório da Paisagem and VITRUS Ambiente, is committed to raising awareness about waste reduction, product reuse and recycling strategies by joining the European Week for Waste Reduction (EWWR), which will run from November 18 to 26.

EWWR, an initiative of the European Union, aims to raise awareness among citizens, organizations and companies of the importance of sustainable waste management practices. This year, the central theme will be “Packaging”, in line with the European Commission’s recent proposal to regulate the use of packaging, with a focus on reducing and reusing materials.

During the European Week for Waste Reduction, the Municipality of Guimarães will carry out various awareness-raising actions, in collaboration with the Landscape Laboratory and VITRUS Ambiente, ranging from educational workshops to awareness campaigns on the importance of reducing the use of packaging and promoting its reuse, in an example of collaboration between local entities to reinforce the region’s commitment to adopting more sustainable practices and contributing to a more sustainable environment.

The European Week for Waste Reduction is a crucial opportunity to promote behavior change and stimulate concrete actions in favor of waste reduction, in line with the sustainability principles advocated by the European Union, where Guimarães stands out as an example of environmental commitment and social responsibility, joining forces to build a more sustainable future for all.

See the full program here