Landscape Lab at ‘Portugal in Soho’ in the US

This Sunday, June 25th, the Laboratório da Paisagem (Landscape Lab) and an entourage of artisans, teachers, and students, promoted the cultural heritage and good environmental education practices developed in the territory of Guimarães, at the event ‘Portugal in Soho’, in the middle of Sullivan Street, in Manhattan, New York, USA.

This annual event, now in its 9th edition, is organized by the Arte Institute and aims to revive the Portuguese cultural heritage and share best practices with a community of over 250 immigrants and Portuguese descendants living in the New York neighborhood of Soho.

In parallel to the many cultural displays, there was room for the dissemination of educational projects and environmental awareness, for which the Landscape Lab, through its coordinator of education for sustainability, Susana Falcão, presented their projects in the area of Circular Economy integrated in the PEGADAS program, through the promotion of training workshops and creation within the scope of nature protection, reuse of materials and promotion of the circular economy.

A special thanks to the company Bless Internacional, Guimarães Marca for offering the T-Shirts used in the environmental education and awareness workshops.