Photography Contest International Geodiversity Day 2023 – The Geodiversity of Guimarães

The International Geodiversity Day, which is celebrated on 6 October, aims to alert society to the role that geodiversity plays in ensuring the well-being and prosperity of human beings and the necessary conditions for the preservation of biodiversity.

As a way of commemorating this day, the Landscape Lab promotes a Geodiversity Photography Contest with the community, in order to increase the knowledge about the local geodiversity.

Thus, we invite all interested people to join nature and capture the most beautiful photographs of landscapes, geoforms or geological elements (rock constituents, such as minerals for example), in Guimarães.

Each participant can send three (3) photographs to the competition, with the indication of the name of the author of the photograph, the place of the photographic capture, that obligatorily must be in the municipal district of Guimarães, and a small title.

See the contest rules here

Prizes The three winning photographs will be awarded the following prizes
1st place: Voucher of 150 euros + book
2nd place: 75 euro voucher + book
3rd place: 25 euro voucher + book

Participation rules