News 06-04-2024

Teacher training

Recruitment Groups: Groups 230, 520
Title: Battle against plastics: challenges for the sustainability of our rivers
Date: 6 April 2024
Time: 9:00-13:00

Description: This training addresses the urgent problem of plastic pollution in contemporary society, highlighting the ubiquitous use of plastic and its worrying accumulation in terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems, with the potential to cause damage not only to ecosystems, but also to organisms and human health. With a theoretical and practical approach, the training explores the origin, characteristics and impacts of plastics on ecosystems. The pedagogical strategy aims to make scientific knowledge accessible to everyone, with a particular focus on the Maths and Nature Sciences and Biology and Geology recruitment groups. It is proposed to provide theoretical and practical content that can be used in the classroom, with the aim of promoting understanding, awareness and literacy in relation to this crucial environmental issue. It is believed that by increasing understanding of the subject, society will be better able to find solutions and take co-responsibility for the preservation of nature, preventing the harmful impacts associated with plastic pollution.

Content/themes covered

This training will comprehensively cover the following topics:

  • Concepts of macro and microplastics;
  • Monitoring plastics in aquatic environments, emphasising the importance of assessing their presence and abundance;
  • Potential harmful effects of plastics on aquatic ecosystems and organisms;
  • Understanding how citizens can play an active role in monitoring plastics in freshwater ecosystems, using the example of Guimarães;
  • Presentation of case studies from Guimarães and sharing of awareness-raising and environmental education actions focused on the problem of plastic pollution, with the aim of inspiring behavioural change and promoting more sustainable practices.