Event 17-06-2023

Training session on bats takes place next Saturday

Next Saturday, June 17, the fourth training action of the Guimarães Biodiversity Action Plan will take place, this time focused on bats. The activity will take place in the parish of Souto Santa Maria (coordinates: 41.509017, -8.288858) between 6 and 11pm, and will be taught by Luís Braz, from UTAD – Universidade de Trás-os-Montes-e-Alto-Douro.

This training will be divided into two parts, providing a complete approach on bats. In the first part, there will be a contextualization about this group of mammals, addressing their characteristics, diversity, ecology, main threats and sampling techniques used in their studies. In the second part, there will be a practical component, with a field trip for direct observation of these animals, providing the opportunity to learn more about their behaviour and habitat. In addition, acoustic recordings will be made, using techniques to capture the sounds emitted by bats and analyse their vocalisations.

This training is an excellent opportunity to deepen knowledge about bats, demystify myths and understand their importance to ecology.

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