Pollinators are essential for the reproduction of many plants, for food supply and for maintaining healthy ecosystems.

The importance of these organisms for nature, agriculture and human well-being is vital, and is reflected in the National Strategy for Nature Conservation and Biodiversity 2030 (ENCNB 2030) and the European Union Biodiversity Strategy 2030. Despite the benefits that pollinators provide us, we are today faced with a dramatic decline in their occurrence and diversity, with numerous European species threatened with extinction.

Polliniza-te aims to educate and raise awareness about the challenges that the pollinator community is currently facing, using environmental education and research actions. The planned actions include a set of theoretical and practical training courses, actions for the promotion and conservation of pollinators and the development of tools that contribute to increasing knowledge about this community in Guimarães.

The data obtained will constitute an important contribution to the knowledge and study of the entomofauna of the municipality and increase its conservation and protection.

Polliniza-te intends to be the first step towards the design of a local strategy for the assessment, conservation and valuation of pollinators.

Several sessions will be held at schools in the municipality, as well as workshops for the community in general.
Assessment and monitoring of the conservation status and trends of pollinator populations.
Monitoring of all actions and preparation of a field guide.

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