The strategy includes six stages: 1. selective collection at the community source; 2. selective collection at the domestic source; 3. green waste collection by appointment; 4. selective collection of bio-waste in households; 5. selective collection in the Horeca channel (restaurants and similar); and 6. selective collection in the remaining non-domestic users.

The separation and valorisation of organic waste is already being implemented in the historical centre of Guimarães. From 2022 it will be extended to 34% of the municipality’s population, in a continuous implementation plan until 2028, when it will reach the entire population of Guimarães.

Start of the campaign.
Beginning of the collection in the Historical Centre of Guimarães.
Schools and the Horeca channel.
Collection reaches 34% of the population. *Note: The forecast deadlines may change due to delays in the delivery of equipment.
Extension of collection to 58% of the population.
The collection reaches 100% of the population.
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