The Guide of the 100 Birds of Guimarães intends to be one more contribution of the Laboratório da Paisagem to the promotion of biodiversity and of our natural heritage.

The aim of this Guide is to increase awareness of the rich birdlife of Guimarães, particularly through a more attentive and informed look. A field guide that will make you raise your head and “train” your sight and hearing, but which is also a contribution to a greater knowledge of our natural heritage and thus to a more active participation by citizens in the protection and conservation of biodiversity.

From the urban mosaic to the extensive woodland areas, as well as the water lines that cross Guimarães, there are several habitats where you can be surprised by the charm and diversity of our birdlife. Recognised as essential for maintaining and balancing ecosystems, birds are very attractive for the beauty of their plumage and the diversity of their vocalisations. This Guide is not only a reading experience but also a field guide for anyone who wants to get started in the observation and identification of birdlife.

Here you will find the reference of 100 bird species, alphabetically ordered, based on the taxonomic order and nomenclature presented according to the International Ornithological Congress (IOC). It is a synthetic guide that uses photographs to show bird species that are easy to observe in the different natural and urban areas of Guimarães.