Increased knowledge on the application of a governance model supported by a multidisciplinary framework could help accelerate the ecological transition of cities.

Given the lack of information on the implementation of governance models in the Euro-Mediterranean region, a case study was carried out in a medium-sized city in this region: (1) to analyze the emergence of the establishment of knowledge-based governance models at the local level; (2) to demonstrate the importance of the circulation of knowledge between different dimensions/levels, including scientific, technical, political, citizens’ and communication; (3) to provide a practical example of a governance model that improves environmental integration by building bridges between academia, citizens and policy-makers. As a result, the authors proposed a step-by-step approach based on the fivefold helix governance model. The empirical results of the study demonstrated that this approach can be successfully implemented in cities and contribute to improving local policies, reinforcing the role of cities as accelerators of community-led green transformation through the establishment of multidisciplinary and participatory processes.