In Guimarães there is a natural heritage to (re)discover, unfolding on various scales of observation. As you dive into these pages, you will end up enveloped by nature and challenged to awaken your senses. You will realise that what is essential is (often) invisible to the eye and that, so close to us, there is a territory to get to know and learn to value.

Throughout more than 100 pages, this publication shows the work developed in this “natural paradise” of Guimarães, which had a strong community character and which promises to guide the visitor and help to understand the natural values existing there.

The book “Lagoas e Charcas do rio Ave” is divided into four chapters, where the importance of the lagoons and ponds is addressed, such as the riparian gallery, the sandy beach, the woodland and sulphurous waters, the natural and cultural values and the environmental activation process. All the species found, sighted and heard about in the workshops held on site as part of the project are also revealed.

The “Lagoas e Charcas do rio Ave” was funded by the Environmental Fund of the Ministry of Environment and Climate Action.