In the isolation season, the Landscape Lab thus launches a new challenge to the population. Often, where you least expect it, you may find several species that are crucial to the balance of ecosystems.
This mini-field guide will introduce you to 12 common species, some of their main characteristics and small curiosities. The challenge is to find, among others, a sparrow, a turtle-dove or a ladybird, looking from the window of your house or in your garden.

Everything you find should be submitted on the mobile application Biodiversity GO!, thus contributing to the increase of species already available in the Guimarães biodiversity database.

This document, available in PDF version, is one of the actions of VIMACT – Vimaranense Climate Action for the Reduction of the Ecological Footprint – project of the Laboratório da Paisagem, co-funded by the European Union, AMI Foundation and Instituto
Camões, resulting from an application to NOPLANETB fund. The project aims to promote biodiversity through landscape renaturalization, recovery and enhancement actions.