It is in these actors, the students, teachers and schools, that our greatest hope and ambition lies: that the next generations of Vimaranenses be formed by informed, committed and active eco-citizens in the defence of our common home.

The PEGADAS programme came to fruition in 2015, the result of a municipal plan based on the sustainable development strategy for the whole municipality. Coordinated by the Municipality of Guimarães and managed by Guimarães Landscape Laboratory, PEGADAS, since its inception, sought to promote policies for the environment, ecological and inclusive, through a focus on a broad and cross-cutting programme, based on ecologically sustainable principles, with the basic aim of initiating a paradigm shift in the behaviour and way of being of the community. PEGADAS appears as an intergenerational program directed to the whole school community, of all educational levels, and also for the senior community of the municipality of Guimarães.

Over the five years of existence, PEGADAS, being a program in constant metamorphosis, has been improving, both in themes and activities available and in its own structure, always based on the Sustainable Development Goals, enshrined in Agenda 2030 and the National Strategy for Environmental Education (ENEA). It is, in fact, in this mutual and systematic consultation, in the exchange of information and continuous evaluation that the evolution of this project is based. Knowing how to respond to the challenges posed by the community and launch challenges that promote the involvement of that same community.